The only way to prevent problems due to cold weather is to be prepared. The more you prepare, the better
your chances of reducing suffering and risk for yourself, your family, your animals and your community.

Plan for the worst: Preparing your home and family for winter
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Account for your pets

Pets can become frightened and disoriented. Remember that their instincts will take over, and theyíll probably seek safety in a closet or under a bed. Be sure to incorporate them in your evacuation plan so that someone is responsible for keeping track of them, but keep a door or window open so they can escape if they canít be located. recommends [5] checking to make sure that your dog or cat has its collar on with ID tags that include your petís name, address and your contact information.

Preparation is the most important thing you can do to protect your home and family from the unpredictability of winter.

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