If you can stay home

It is just as important to adequately plan for your pets even if you don't have to evacuate. Carriers, collars with ID tags and leashes should be maintained for your pets at all times.

Your pets will be most comfortable and secure in their carriers in a safe area of your home until the storm has passed. If they are not secured during the storm and your house is damaged, your pets may escape and become disoriented, since normal landmarks and scent trails could be obliterated. If your pets become lost, proper ID will ensure their return to you.

Place your pet food and medications in water tight containers in a cool, dry, dark place. Store adequate water for them also. Your water source may become contaminated during the storm. (Water can be purified a number of ways. If possible, boil it. If not, add either food grade hydrogen peroxide, or common household bleach - 2 drops per quart - and let stand 30 minutes before use.)

If you bring plants into the home before a storm, be careful not to allow pets access to them since many ornamental plants are toxic to animals.

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